HVAC Simulation - Modelling of primary units : the new ASHRAE toolkit
J-P. Bourdouxhe, M. Grodent, J. Lebrun
HVAC'95 conference in Tsinghua, july ®September 95
Ref: JL-950711-01   - 16 pages

Activities of the Implementing Agreement on Buildings and Community Systems (BCS)
Modélisation de la mise en froid du moteur Vulcain
Ph. Ngendakumana, M. Grodent, M. Strengnart
Conference on Propulsive Flows in Space Transportation Systems,.Bordeaux - France, 11-15 ®September 95.
Ref: PNG-9500995-1   - 17 pages

Temperature profiles in a real fuel oil boiler : effects of the burner adjustment
Ph. Ngendakumana, E. Winandy
17th  TLM of IEA-Combustion, 18-20 September 95.
Ref: PNG-950918-1   - 11 pages

Contribution of the Thermodynamics Laboratory to the development of the European Launcher
Ph. Ngendakumana
Space Scientific Research in Belgium vol.4 to be edited by SSTC, November 95.
Ref: PNG-951107-1   - 6 pages

Screw Chiller Model Developed in a Toolkit for Primary HVAC System Energy Calculation
J-P. Bourdouxhe, M. Grodent, J. Lebrun
ASHRAE summer meeting in San Antonio, November 95.
Ref: JPB-951109-1   - 26 pages

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