Automatic control of combustion in fuel oil boilers
Ph. Ngendakumana, O. Farias
18th TLM of IEA- Combustion, august 1996.
Ref : PG-960826-02    - 10 pages

Fuel- oil boilers-burners matching : laboratory tests results
Ph. Ngendakumana
1st ECSBT, september 1996.
Ref : PG-960826-01   - 11 pages

Flame spectroscoy and the Nox formation mechanism
Ph. Ngendakumana, O. Farias
Meeting of the Belgian Section of the Combustion Institute and published in the Bulletin Soc. Roy. Chimique, december 1996.

Reference Guide for Dynamic Models of HVAC Equipments
J-P  Bourdouxhe, J.  Lebrun
Report prepared for Ashrae

Example of System Simulation;  A Centralized Cooling Plant
J-P. Bourdouxhe
Annex 30 Meeting in Warsaw
Ref: WD43 AN30-960311-01  (in WREP 0396)

Belgian Case Study: The Justus Lipsius Building
A. Carpano , B. Georges , H. Hu , J.Lebrun and J. Pimenta
Annex 30 Meeting in Warsaw.
Ref:WD45 AN30-960312-01 ( in WREP 0396)

Testing of Condensing Units
M. Bravo,  R.  Dirléa, J.  Hannay, J.Lebrun
SFT ‘ 96 in Valenciennes  (France).

What is it occuring in Annex 30 ?
J. Lebrun
IEA – BCS Technical briefing, Watford (UK), june 12, 1996
Ref: JL960612-13  -17 pages

Testing of Refrigeration Compressor without Condensation
R. Dirlea , J.Hannay , J. Lebrun
13th International Compressor Engineering Conference , Purdue (USA), july 23-26, 1996

Experimental Analysis of multisplit Refrigeration
R. Dirlea, M.  Grodent, J.  Hannay, J.  Lebrun, S.  Lopes
6th International Refrigeration Conference , Purdue (USA), july 23-26, 1996

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