Investigation of the performance of a twin-fluid atomiser by means of flame emission spectroscopy.
Ph. Ngendakumana, S.  Gauthy & O. Farias
20th Task Leaders Meeting of the IEA-Combustion in Ottawa, Canada, juin 1998.
Ref :PNG-980615-01  -14 pages

Simplified model and sensitivity analysis for natural ventilation in multifamily buildings.
Epic'98 Conference, November 1998, Lyon (France)

Reduccion del Nox en combustion de petroleo por modificacion de la aerodinamica del quemador.
O. Farias,  L. Demonceau & Ph.  Ngendakumana
CIM'98 Conference, Concepcion (Chile) , october 1998
ref. OF-981001-01  - 7 pages

Theoretical and experimental analysis of direct contact cooling towers.
C. Silva & J.   Lebrun
Mercofrio'98 Conference, Porto Alegre (Brazil), september 1998
ref. CS-980928-01  - 5 pages

Annex 30 "Bringing Simulation to Application". Some facts and some guidelines.
J. Lebrun
IEA-BCS Technical paper presented at IEA-BCS ExCo meeting, Brussels (Belgium), 4 november 1998.
Ref : WD-154  AN30-981103-01

Simplified Analysis of Building Thermal Storage Effects.

J. Lebrun & P. Nusgens
In Chicago for ASHRAE semi-annual meeting (JL-980131-01), january 1998.
ref . WD-152 AN30-980731-01  - 24 pages

Modeling of wobble plate compressors used in automotive air-conditioning. Fourteenth International Compressor Engineering
R. Dirlea, , L.  Gauthy, ,  M. Grodent, Y. Khamsi, J.  Lebrun & D.  Negoiu
Conference, Purdue University, USA, July 1998
ref. MG-980717-01  -7 pages

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