This section contains the utilities, softwares and simulation models developped at the Thermodynamics Laboratory.

Bill Analyzer

This tool, relying on very simple calculations, is used to extract useful information from common monthly energy billing data.

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Auditing toold designed to identify the most efficient and cost-effective Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs), consisting in more efficient use or in (partial or global) replacement of the existing components.

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IEA-ECBCS Annex 48

A computer-based set of tools that can evaluate the energy, environmental and economic potential of different categories of heat pump systems. The tools are implemented in EES (Engineering Equation Solver - ©F-Chart Software). 

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EES-Fluidprop interface

The EES Fluidprop library is a standard interface between Engineering Equation Solver (EES) and Fluidprop, allowing, among others, the computation of the thermodynamic properties of fluid mixtures in EES.

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