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Small-scale solar Organic Rankine Cycle for decentralized power generation!

Contacts :  S.Quoilin, V.Lemort



Since 2008, the thermodynamics is involved in a project carried out by STG International - an NGO founded at the MIT - on the developpement a small-scale ORC coupled to linear parabolic concentrators.  A first prototype was realized in Ha Teboho, Lesotho to provide electricity and hot water to the village.  A second 3 KW prototype is being developed in the Berea District of Lesotho, in a rural health center.



Ha Teboho prototype


Provide a heat and power generation system that would be competitive with PV collectors, and that could be produced locally.  

Welding of the jig for parabolic collector



Development team in Maseru, Lesotho, August 2009




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