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Development and on-field testing of a small scale solar ORC plant

Contacts :  S.Declaye,S.Quoilin, V.Lemort




The project aims to develop, build and test a small scall (a few kWs) solar ORC power plant. This power plant will couple solar collectors (heat source) and an Organic Rankine Cycle. Master students, technicians and researchers from University of Liège will participate in the project.

  • Design, building and optimization of a small-scale solar power plant (< 10 kWe);
  • Research and educational project.


    • Summer 2010: Solar measurements and study of the environment
    • Summer 2011: First trial on a prototype
    • Summer 2012 and 2013: Power plant optimization


    • BELGIUM: University of Liège - Thermodynamics Laboratory


    Project website



    Conversion of low-temperature heat sources to mechanical power by mean of a fluid other than water vapor.

    ORC working principle


    Large range of heat sources can be used:

    • Geothermal energy
    • Solar energy
    • Cooling of mechanical equipment
    • Biomass
    • Waste gasses

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