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The growth of renewable energy requires flexible, low-cost and efficient electrical storage to balance the mismatch between energy supply and demand. A Carnot battery converts electric energy to thermal energy with a heat pump when electricity production is greater than demand; when electricity demand outstrips production the Carnot battery generates power from thermal storage reservoirs (ORC mode). Classical Carnot batteries architectures do not achieve more than 60% roundtrip electric efficiency. However, innovative architectures, using waste heat recovery (Thermally Integrated PTES) are able to reach electrical power production of the power cycle larger than the electrical power consumption of the heat pump, increasing the value of the technology.


Innovative system with a reversible heat pump that can work as an ORC or as an Heat Pump (HP) using the same components

Charge mode (Heat Pump):
      1)  Increase of pressure and temperature of the working fluid with the compressor
      2)  Useful thermal energy provided to the hot storage through the condenser
      3)  Expansion of the working fluid through the expansion valve
      4)  Vaporization of the working fluid with the waste heat source in the evaporator

Discharge mode (ORC):
      1)  Flow of working fluid imposed by the pump
      2)  Evaporation of the working fluid with the heat from the thermal storage
      3)  Production of electricity in the expander through the high pressure/temperature vapour
      4)  Condensation of the working fluid with the ambient air

Project timeline

January 2019 - December 2019



DGO6 - Convention DIFST 1880015 – POC n°18-17 TRY