Simaudit is an auditing tool for commercial and office buildings.

Audit is required, among others, to identify the most efficient and cost-effective Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs), consisting in more efficient use or in (partial or global) replacement of the existing components.

Four audit stages are generally distinguished:

  • The “benchmarking” helps in deciding if it is necessary to launch a complete audit procedure; it’s based mainly on energy bills and basic calculations.

  • The aim of the “pre-audit” is to identify the main defects and “energy conservation opportunities” (ECO’s). Its results are supposed to orient the future “detailed” audit.

  • The “detailed” audit consists in a detailed and comparative evaluation of the ECOs previously selected.

  • The “investment grade” audit concerns the detailed technical and economical engineering studies, justifying the costs of the retrofits. This fourth audit stage brings the system (building + HVAC) to a new life cycle: new design, call for tenders, submissions, evaluations, installations, commissioning,etc...

Downloading Simaudit Reference book (.PDF)

Downloading Simaudit (.EXE)

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