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Smart PAC



Nowadays, important efforts are deployed to reduce our energy consumption in the field of residential building. Concerning new construction, low-energy consumption building such as “passive” houses constitutes a good solution to decrease our environmental impacts.

In this kind of building, air tightness is improved and heating needs are reduced compared to traditional constructions. In order to ensure a good indoor air quality, controlled mechanic ventilation is required. Coupling a simple exhaust mechanical ventilation with a mini-heat pump appears to be a good solution for heat recovery. In that kind of system, the air is extracted from the house with an axial fan and the ventilation air is used as a heat source to produce the domestic hot water and heat the building




In that context, the University of Liege is involved in the project “Smart Pac” supported by the Walloon Region. The main objective is to determine experimentally the performance of a mini reversible exhaust air heat pump in different operating conditions. A second objective is to determine numerically the annual performance of the machine, considering different types of regulation, occupancy, etc. For these purposes, a test bench and a numerical model of the machine have been developed.


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DGO4 (Région Wallonne de Belgique)


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